Dear Colleagues,

It is a great pleasure for me to invite you to attend the 3rd International Forum on Zygomycosis, which will take place in Marathon, from the 19th to the 21st of September, 2014.

Zygomycosis (now called mucormycosis) is an emerging disease leading to high morbidity and mortality. The ECMM/ISHAM Working Group on Zygomycosis was initially formed in 2004, as an European Group, and it subsequently became international. The 1st Forum on Zygomycosis took place in Cape Sounion, in 2008 and it brought together many prominent scientists from Europe. Its proceedings were published in a supplement of CMI journal. The 2nd Forum took place in Porto-Heli, in Peloponnese, Greece and it was also very successful.

The 3rd Forum will be in Marathon, about 30km out of Athens. It is a beautiful location, with a lovely beach, conveniently situated near the airport. This Forum will have a new feature as you can see in the preliminary program. A workshop will take place on Friday morning, for people who would like to know more about this lethal disease, with emphasis on practical issues.

I would like to invite everyone who is interested in zygomycosis to attend and I am looking forward to a stimulating and exciting event.

George Petrikkos
Co-ordinator of the ECMM/ISHAM Working Group on Zygomycosis